Texas DPS Criminal History Search Secure

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Texas DPS Criminal History Search Secure

Criminal records searches go a long way in helping us avoid letting unsavory people into our lives thus protecting ourselves, those we love and our best interests. People normally do not reveal criminal activities about themselves when they come into our lives thus the need to run a background check on them. This article will help you conduct a Texas DPS Criminal History Search Secure.

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is a department in the Texas state government. It is responsible for law enforcement and driver license administration in the state of Texas. The Texas DPS is under the Public Safety Commission which oversees it.

The Texas DPS strive to protect the lives, property and rights of the people of Texas. The 75th legislature passed a bill in 1997 which required the DPS to make criminal records accessible online. It also gave them authority to charge a small fee on a search for someone.

Texas criminal records and history were first made available online in 1997 through Micro Assist. Users are able to search for criminal records from over 25 million records all at a small fee.

Result that you can find from a Texas DPS criminal search are:

  • Details of the alleged crime
  • The personal information of the arrestee – i.e. their full name, birth date, gender and nationality/ethnicity
  • The place and date of the arrest
  • The name of the arresting officer/issuer of the warrant
  • The address of the holding facility.

The Texas Department of Public Safety

There has been a number of changes that has been introduced to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) website over the years. Some of them include the following.

The Crime Records Service

The Crime Records Service (CRS) and Secure website was first introduced in 1998 in January. It had the conviction and felony deferred judgement information.

There are now new functions that have been added to it since then. They all operate 24/7.

Public Sex Offender Registration Database

The Public Sex Offender Registration (PSOR) Database has information sourced from the Sex Offender Registration Department’s database. All the data that is available from the PSOR is public information. The only information that is not open to the public is Social Security Number, telephone number, driver’s license number. The site has over a million hits per month.

Secure Sex Offender Registration Database

The Secure Sex Offender Registration (SSOR) Database lets law enforcement agencies lookup, view verify and update the information on sex offenders’ registration in an appropriate and safe manner. This will enable the information offered by the Texas Sex Offender Registry to be accurate. There are more than 1 600 authorized users on the department.

Public Computerized Criminal History Database and Application

The public record information that is taken from the Department’s Computerized Criminal History System (CCH) is used to form the Conviction Database. The data found in the CCH becomes public only if a conviction or deferred judgement is considered an offence by the Department.

There are about 25 million monthly visitors to this site.

Secure Computerized Criminal History Database

The Secure Computerized Criminal History (SCCH) Database lets criminal and non-criminal justice entities who have authorization, look up and also access all criminal history details based on access levels for employment purposes.

There are over 18 000 users who are authorized to in the department and the site has over 660 000 visitors per month.

Fingerprint-based Applicant Clearinghouse of Texas Database

The Department and the FBI both has the FACT Clearinghouse as their repository. Through the FACT Clearinghouse, authorized users are able to access criminal history fingerprints results of the Department and the FBI. This also includes electronic subscription and notification service on latest arrests on subscribed individuals. There are about 25 000 subscription notices that are processed by the department on monthly basis.

Driver License Division

This is a public and secure web application that operates 24/7. It is established based on tried and tested CRS platforms.

Impact Texas Driver Database

The Impact Texas Driver Database stores the Impact Texas Driver program. This program allows driving schools and students taking driving lessons to download videos, have access to interactive activities as well as reading modules, which form part of the requirements for driver’s license tests.

Upon completion of the program, a certificate which has a unique certificate number, which will be valid for two years, is given to the students. The certificate numbers which are indexed to specific names, are stored in the database. Students are able to login and reprint these certificates at any given moment within the two years from sign up date.

Students who are less than 18 years are able to access the system and download videos in the current system, however, in future, only students 18 – 24 will be able to apply.

The DPS website is now a very valuable tool to institutions such as law offices, retirement homes, schools and many others. With it, updated information is accessible by the public in a matter of minutes.

These are some of the details on Texas DPS Criminal Search Secure that you might find useful. There are more than 2 million hits that the site receives with over 200 000 users on a monthly basis.

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