How to do an Obituary Search in Texas

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How to do an Obituary Search in Texas

Even though obituaries are not maintained by any government organization, there are sources that keep them. This is because there are a number of other organizations that use them as sources of information on people. These can be the police, private investigators, researchers and journalists. Let’s have a look at how to do an obituary search in Texas.

Obituaries can be described as short details written on someone after they pass away. They are mostly published by newspapers. Obituaries tend to highlight the positive part of an individual’s life.

Since there is no government body that has special needs for obituaries, they are not recorded by any government agency.

History of Obituaries in Texas

Long before information was easy to access, states like Texas had numerous newspapers who wear targeting both the metropolitan areas as well the small and rural areas. These were delivered at people’s doorsteps as the state tend to be large and spread out. The newspaper obituaries were the only way to inform people if someone passes away.

These newspaper deliveries happened once or twice a day. It was customary for relatives to post a notice on the newspaper when someone passed away to notify friends and the community.

The world has obviously gone through changes but the mindset to be on the lookout for the latest developing news have stayed the same. We now know almost immediately if a person passes away. It might be through a phone call or a message. There are now many places where one can place or post what could be considered an obituary.

Obituary Searches in Texas

If you are looking to find obituary information on someone, you can start with a simple internet search. You can try a search on a free website and see what it has in store for you. A lot of rural, local and large metro newspapers have digitized their archives. This makes them searchable online. Here are some platforms that offer obituary searches in Texas.

Texas Newspaper Obituaries from Genealogy Bank

Obituaries were only published in state and local newspaper archives before the introduction of the internet. The Texas obituary archived can assist you in performing an extensive genealogy research or find your extended family. The online database from here will allow you to find out information on your family tree in a matter of seconds.

Looking up from Texas local newspaper obituaries has the following benefits:

  • You can discover all the branches of your family tree.
  • You can locate extended family members.
  • You can find out what happened to those long-lost family members.

With access to over 13 000 newspapers in about 330 years of American history, you can explore your ancestry through an obituary search from Genealogy Bank. Approximately 95 % of the information available from Genealogy Bank is not available in any other platform.

An obituary search can be conduct by anyone with ease from here whether you are new or a veteran researcher. The following steps will land results when you conduct a search if you already have more information on your relative that you want to look up.

  • Type in the first and last name of the person you want to look up on the search bar. This will give you close match obituaries.
  • Add a keyword to your search, which can be a particular school or town.
  • You can include a year range if you have dates or time specific information on a person. This will help filter the results on your lookup.
  • You can control which results you want to see first for example, newest, oldest or best matches.

Texas Obituary Searches from Tributes

In order to conduct an obituary search in Texas from Tributes, you will need to select a city or town from the alphabetical list provided on the site. Users are encouraged to contribute latest information on the database. This is one way of making it a point that the information offered is the latest and most accurate one.

The advanced obituary search offer from the site allow you to search by name, date of death, location and keywords from their obituary database.

Texas Obituary Searches from Genealogy Magazine

There is about 2 000 obituary records from Genealogy Magazine ranging from 1870 to the 1990s. These records mostly cover the northern central part of Texas. There are however parts of them that cover the western city of Abilene, and Houston on the south.

Possible results that an index might give from a search include:

  • Name of Deceased
    Name of Spouse of Deceased
    • Date of Marriage of Deceased
    • Father’s Name of Deceased
    • Mother’s Name of Deceased
    • Date of Birth of Deceased
    • Place of Birth of Deceased
    • Date of Death of Deceased
    • Place of Death of Deceased
    • Place of Burial of Deceased

For more obituary sources in Texas you can visit Obituaries Help.

For way on how to do an obituary search in Texas, you now have an idea. Try these suggestions and locate the information you are looking for from obituaries in Texas.