How to Do a License Lookup in Texas

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How to Do a License Lookup in Texas

Licenses act as a benchmark for the quality of service or product that you will get from the provider. So a service or product provider must be someone who is approved by relevant authorities of the state to operate and provide it. Some people may choose to use a fake license, use an expired or a cancelled license, hence the need to verify them. This article will be a guide on how to do a license verification in Texas.

One more reason that might prompt an individual to verify a license might be because they are looking for the best provider of a certain service or product among the many that are available. Whatever the reason you might have for embarking on a process of finding a license lookup in Texas, this guide will assist you.

A service or product provider wo has a license is considered legit and trustworthy. There are quite a lot of license types which makes the methods of verifying them to be many.  Let’s take a look at how you can verify a license in Texas, lookup someone and their qualifications and the platforms that allow you do so.

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) verify licenses and projects in Texas by searching from the website. The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation license data search will only look up active licenses only.

Possible searches from the TDLR platform are searches with a license type (where you choose one option to search with, which is optional), license number (numeric only), expiry date (month, day and year), name (last, first), business name, location (city, where you are to choose one, which is also optional), country (choose one, which is optional) and lastly the zip code. After filling in your information, then press ‘Search’.

This will give you all the information there is on the license from the TDLR database. If ever it so happens that the license is not found on the database, feel free to contact TDLR customer service at 800-803-9202 for inquiries. The data that is found on this platform is updated on a regular basis.

Oher possible lookups from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation include a basic search from the TDLR’s website, search for violations, elevators inspection reports , verify driver education and safety school, provider or instructor among them.

The Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council

The Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council is expected to gather information from licensed psychologist which is to be made available through TexasOnline to the public. This is according to Section 2054.2606 of the Government Code.

This is done so as to ensure that the public get reliable information about psychologists so as to empower them when it comes to choosing the appropriate service provider.

The public can click here to perform an online search. Searches from the platform can be performed using a name, name of a specific license type, license number, city and country. Select the one that you think will work for you according to the information you have.

Results that can be achieved from such a search include license status (active or inactive), rank date (issued date for the license), date of first licensure (first issuance date the license was received), expiration date, publicly available disciplinary history.

For licenses with a publicly available disciplinary history, the result with come with a section named ‘Reports available for Download’. From here, you will find a link that will direct you to the disciplinary measures that were taken against the licensee.

If such a section is not available, then it means that there were no publicly available disciplinary measures taken against the licensee.

The large part of the information found on the online profile system is provided license holders themselves. In that manner, the Council nor the State does not accept liability or responsibility for completeness, accuracy and usefulness of the information. Any inquiries that the public might have concerning the data from here should consult with the license holder for clarification.

Texas Medical Board

You can search for license and permit information from Texas Medical Board on physicians, physician assistants, respiratory care practitioners, acupuncturists, medical physicists, medical radiological technologists, non-certified radiologic technicians and more from Texas.

This type of search will include Physician Profiles as well as other licensee verifications. Data from the platform is updated on daily basis.

For a license lookup in Texas, you can try the new Texas Medical Board Healthcare Provider search. This new lookup format is much more easy to navigate and also user friendly even on phones and tablets. For questions and concerns pertaining the new look up license format, you can contact the Registrations department at .

Other sources of license information in Texas are Texas Online, Texas Department of Health Services, Texas Department of Insurance,  Texas Board of Nursing, Texas Department of Agriculture to name some of them.

With these tips on how to do a license lookup in Texas, you are one more step closer to finding the information. Select the type of search that suites your needs and use it.