How to Lookup Someone’s Driver’s License

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How to Lookup Someone’s Driver’s License

Obtaining a driver’s license is the only way anyone can be allowed to operate a motor vehicle in the streets. This is the basic requirement all over the globe. It is a law meant for safety of everyone on the road. Failure to adhere to it may result in time in jail. Driver’s licenses searches bring back a lot of information on them which might also include offences committed by the license holder. This guide will take you through the methods on how to lookup someone’s driver’s license.

A driver’s license is a legal document authorizing a particular individual to operate a motor vehicle such as cars, motorcycles, buses and trucks on public roads. These documents are plastic in nature and have the size of a credit card. It is also known as a ‘driving permit’ in other parts of the world. Most states in the United States issue the document written ‘Driver License’ while others use ‘Driver’s License’.

Driver’s License Lookup

The laws that relate to licensing drivers vary from place to place. A number of jurisdictions issue a driver’s license once the recipient passes a driving test and others before they even begin to drive. There are also different categories of driver’s licenses depending on the type of motor vehicle. Jurisdictions also play a major role in how difficult a driving test would be as well as qualifying age for a driver’s license.

Quite a number of scenarios come to mind that might compel a person to lookup someone’s driver’s license. You might be looking to verify potential employee through a background check. It is very important to verify driving records on potential employees especially if they are going to be driving company vehicles most of the time. Verifying their driving records will help you make an informed decision on their driving abilities.

You even might have lost your driver’s license and are looking to replace it. This requires that you know your driver’s license number to be able to place an order for a replacement. There are ways to find out the number too.

Ways to Find Someone’s Driver’s License

A driver’s license has a number that is as important as Social Security Number Credit Card Numbers or Bank Account Number. It is thus expected that an owner of a driver’s license will keep it safe at all times. This makes it hard to find it but there are ideas you can try.

If you are looking to find someone’s driver’s license that you live with, you can just look for the driver’s license while they are not around. Sometimes people leave such documents lying around. That way you can find it. You can also ask the person to show you their driver’s license.

An expired driver’s license can be one source to consider too. If the person has an expired driver’s license, it would have the same details as their new one, except if they were issued from different states. Documents such vehicle registration, cancelled checks and the auto insurance company records has information on someone’s driver’s license.

If you are an employer looking to run a background check on a potential employee, who might be working in the driving department of your company, then you will need permission from the employee to run the background check.

As mentioned before, this will help you avoid hiring someone who might end up being a liability in your business. A background check of this nature will bring back the driving history of the individual. This will be all details related to any traffic violation that took place from the moment the individual became a registered driver.

Information that can be found on a driving record include:

  • DUI Public Records
  • Driving Record Points
  • Status of Driver’s License
  • Traffic Accidents
  • Traffic Law Violations, Fines, and Convictions

With these details, employers as well as insurance agencies benefit a lot. Employees are also able to use this information to rectify any wrong information that is in the records.

Driver’s License Searches Online

There are also numerous sources online that can help you look up someone’s driver’s license. Below is a few of them.

The Motor Vehicle Operators Organization

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) through the United States FOIA Amendment H.4790 allows the public to access vehicle driver’s information electronically. The Motor Vehicle Operators Organization website, which has over 223 million licenses is not owned or operated by the government. There is a search bar that you can use on the site to conduct your search.

To find out someone’s license on the site you can visit the site. Enter the first and last name of the person you are looking up. Choose the state where they live, plus city if you know them and press ‘Search’.

The Search Query

The Department Motor Vehicle (DMV) of every state is responsible for maintaining driving records. These records are regarded as public records and the information made available in them vary from state to state. Search Quarry is one site that can help you access these records online.

The site offers a search bar that you can utilize to find out someone’s driver’s license. By filling in the name, choosing the record type and selecting the state you want to search from, you are on your way to information from this site.

Basic information you can find in driving records from the DMV using Search Quarry include:

  • Full Name & Date of Birth
  • Driver’s license number,
  • Issuance date, issuance place
  • Expiration date
  • Restrictions and endorsements
  • Driving History
  • Accidents
  • Traffic violations
  • Driver’s license suspensions
  • DUI records

With these methods on how to lookup someone’s driver’s license, you stand a chance of locating it online plus all details relating to it.

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