How to Do a Business Search in Texas

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How to Do a Business Search in Texas

Part of the reason a person might be looking to conduct a business search in Texas might be to find detailed information on a company. Another reason might be to find out if a particular entity name is available in Texas so that you may use it for your business. The aim of this article is to help you with solutions to both these challenges. It will discuss methods on how to do a business search in Texas.

Businesses are entities that are created to sell or buy products or offer services with the aim of making profit. The term ‘business’ is also used when referring to a company like a corporation or a corporative. The internet is one have that has information on people and a whole lot of other things.

It is possible to lookup a business using such tools as search engines. This can be the likes of Yahoo, Google, DuckDuckGo and Bing. White pages sites also offer business searches which are referred to as yellow pages. These platforms can return results on a search but they have limited information with them. They might also have varying information from that of government sources since they are not government sponsored.

This makes it a necessity to find a business lookup source that has first-hand information on businesses. This is what this article aims to provide for you. It will discuss all details that have been made available to the public as far as businesses are concerned in Texas.

Texas Secretary of State

For up-to-date online access to information that is maintained by the Secretary of State Office (SOS) in Texas, the Secretary of State (SOSDirect) website is the solution. SOSDirect offers the following online services.

  • The ability to file business formation documents
  • Receive evidence of filing same time
  • Order certified as well as plain copies
  • File UCCs
  • Search for business entities or obtain entity information
  • Print documents
  • Obtain entity status
  • Check name availability or reserve entity names
  • Validate certificates

You are now also able to upload electronically a document for filing with the SOSUpload.

Searches for business organizations can be done using a business or entity name, name of the registered agent listed, director or officer of the corporation.

Records that are available online involve records that are with the SOS pertaining to Corporations, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Assumed Names, Trademarks, Limited Liability Partnerships, Foreign and State Financial Institutions, Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Associations, Probate Code filings by Foreign Corporate Fiduciaries, UCC Financing Statements and Federal Liens.

To find out more about SOSDirect, you can contact them using the following details:
Corporations: (512) 463-5555 or e-mail
Reports Unit (annual statements and periodic reports): (512) 475-2705 or e-mail
UCC: (512) 475-2703 or e-mail
Refunds: Notice regarding funds

The National Corporation Directory

The National Corporation Directory is a tool that can help you look up a company from multiple state corporation registries to find out which state a company is registered in. The local Secretary of State or its equivalent is the one responsible for maintaining these public registries in each state.

To use the search tool from the website, you will need to sign in and have a subscription. Searches can be conducted from all the 50 official Secretary of State databases, Midwest, Northeast, Territories, West or the South. You pick your preferred search criteria. To search, enter the company name on the search box and press ‘Search’.

The information that this type of search brings back is typically what is available from searches that can be conducted from that state’s registries. The tool was developed with the intention to utilize it in collaboration with the Secretary of State websites. That is why it provides links to them so as to enable you to visit them for more information on the company.

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts allows searches on all taxable entities in the state of Texas. This can all be achieved from the websites search bar.

Searches can be performed using the company’s tax ID, the name of the entity or the company’s file number which was assigned by the Texas Secretary of State. Select the type of search that best suites you and search.

IncFile Limited Liability Company (LLC) Searches in Texas

For those who are looking for the perfect Texas business entity name or want to register an LLC name with the Secretary of State (SOS), Incfile is the solution. The platform offers all details one may need to be able to perform a Texas LLC search, including business naming rules, trademarks and assumed names.

With these sources, you can hardly go wrong on how to do a business search in Texas. They can help you find an existing business as well help you establish one in Texas. Try these sources and find out if they can land you details on that company that you want to find.