How to Do a Background Check in Texas

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How to Do a Background Check in Texas

Thanks to the United States Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that allow public records to be accessible to the public, it is possible to find more information on a person through a background check. This include a state like Texas. This article will look at methods on how to do a background check in Texas.

A background check is basically a process whereby an individual or company verify information on someone. This can be the person’s identification information, criminal history, employment history, education history and other details on them.

Background Checks in Texas

Companies rely heavily on background checks when screening potential employees. This is because people can lie or leave out other details on their resumes when applying, which might have an impact on the company’s future progress.

Background checks are also utilized by landlords, tenants and individuals who are looking to screen their new neighbors. This is done only for safety purposes. The Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) is the one that is responsible for all background checks in Texas. It runs the state’s Conviction Database which is the central pool for all for all Texas public criminal records sourced from the Computerized Criminal History (CCH) system.

The CCH has all the criminal records of the state which is gathered from private and public sources. It is only accessible to authorized criminal justice agencies and law enforcement.

However, you can easily access public records such as court records, vital records, criminal histories and other types of records easily in Texas. These records are housed by the Texas Department of Public Safety and Texas Office of Court Administration where organizations can request the records by following proper channels.

As much as an individuals or company can conduct a background check on their own, it is however a good idea to enlist the services of third party background check services. A background check that you conduct yourself will give you access to public records only. Public records are informative, but they may lack crucial details such as arrests and convictions which are obtainable from private sources.

Third party background check companies will ensure that you get access to all important documents and records which will include those that deal with criminal histories and convictions.

How Far Back a Background Check Go in Texas

A background check in Texas will have information that goes back seven years on its report on a person’s criminal and personal history. There are however some exceptions to this condition.

According to Texas Law (TX. Bus. Code Sec. 20.05), this law will apply to positions that has salaries that are more than $75 000 annually. For such positions, the employer is allowed to seek records that go back as far as when the applicant was 18 years old.

The seven-year rule can also come into effect when the background process is conducted by third party agencies as they are subject to federal and state regulations and limitations as consumer reporting agencies.

Criminal records for minors are sealed by the court making them inaccessible. This makes it impossible for employers to find criminal convictions on someone before the age of 18.

Arrest Records and Background Checks in Texas

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) prohibits the use of Texas arrest records in hiring decisions. They should not be ground for hiring an individual as the state believes that a person is innocent until proven guilty.

Employers should only consider guilty pleas, convictions and pleas of no contest to remain compliant, when making employment decisions.

Third Party Agencies for Texas Background Checks

To conduct a background check, as mentioned before, the services of a third party agency is the best option. Here are some of the reliable background check platforms you can try.

Iprospect Check

Iprospect Check will enable employers to be empowered with tools, technology and information that will greatly improve their hiring decision, thus reducing liability while creating a safe work environment.

The platform offers excellent screening services as they understand the significance of hiring the best candidate there is to find.

Their background checks cover criminal records (County, State and Federal), Identity Verification, Education Verification, Credit History Report, National Sex Offender, Driving Record Report, Health Screening, Drug Screening and a whole lot more.

Background Checks

A background check from Background Check is very easy to conduct. With first name, last name and location (state), you can run a background check from here. Just fill in the information on the search bar and press ‘Start Searching’.

This will give you access to Texas criminal records, vital records, court records and inmate records on the person you are looking up.

Good Hire

Good Hire can make it possible for employers to verify information and gain insight into an applicant’s credit, criminal as well as employment histories.

The site also provides a lot of information on how one can perform a background check in Texas. It covers on what a background check can unearth in Texas, how long it would take to conduct one, Texas background check laws and offers county resources.

These methods on how to do a background check in Texas can help you find out more on a person living in the state. By following the guidelines and trying out the platforms covered, you can be on your way to information on the person you are looking up.