How to Do a Free Reverse Address Lookup in Texas

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How to Do a Free Reverse Address Lookup in Texas

A reverse address lookup is the best way to find out information on a new neighbor who might seem suspicious to you. With it, you can find their full name, contact details, public records, criminal history and all sorts of information on the person. A reverse address lookup can also reveal all residents who once lived at the address. To get the best from your lookup, this article will show you how to do a free reverse address lookup in Texas.

There are a number of online tools that can help you find out who an address belongs to and using them is easy. You just enter the address and you will find out who it belongs to. Results that normally return from reverse address lookups are the names of the current and previous owners of the address, physical location information and phone numbers associated with that particular address.

Search Engines

It is possible to find out information on an address using search engines. Even though, they are not tailor made for such an event. Search engines can surprise you with details on the address especially if there are certain events that took place in that address or it’s a business address. It may return some results.

Popular search engines that might work on a reverse address lookup can be Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and Bing. They all have a search bar where you can fill in the address and search. Result are returned instantly.

As mentioned before, search engines are designed to offer such searches but it is possible to get a result from them if you are lucky. Let’s take a look at some of the sites that were designed for the purpose of enabling you to conduct reverse address searches.

White Pages

The white pages moved from being on hard copies and are now available online. The White Pages is one of the sites where you can find them. The site does offer searches with an address. Just enter the address on the address lookup box and search.

The White Pages will give you the name of the owner and all those associated with the address, their estimated age, other associated addresses and their phone number plus a map on the neighborhood. All this information is free of charge.


Addresses is a site that provides phonebook information on people online. You can look up any address on the platform by using the Address Lookup search box.

To search, just enter the address you want to look up on the search box plus location (city and state), and search. This will give you the owner of the address plus any other information relating to the address available on the site.

Truth Finder

You can find more information on an address by using a reverse address lookup process from Truth Finder. This can be achieved by filling in the address on Truth Finder’s search bar and searching.

Results from a lookup of this nature normally return the first and last name of possible past and present residents, their age, possible relatives and contact details. To learn more on an address, you can select ‘Open Report’ which will be next to the name. This will give you more details about the owner of the address which includes whether they have a criminal record or not.


For a much more comprehensive free reverse address search in Texas, Spokeo is your go to platform. The site will give results such as the year the residence was constructed, its value, its living area square footage and lot size, number of bathrooms and bedrooms, heating and cooling systems of the residence, type of parking, a map of the neighborhood, sex offenders living nearby, current and previous owners provided in different sections and more.

All this can be information you receive by entering the address on Spokeo’s search bar and start searching.

That’s Them

There is a lot of information you can unearth with a reverse address lookup from That’s Them on people living in Texas. There is a search bar on the platform that you use where you can enter the address and start your search.

Possible results from an address lookup from here are the owners name, age, home phone number, P.O. BOX address and even an email address. This is information you get from here on anyone who is associated with the address.

You can also do background searches from here which are possible through Been Verified. They come at a fee.


If you are looking for the easiest way to find information through a reverse address search, then you can try Infotracer. A search from here will give you a list of all the people who live at that address.

Even though a search of this nature takes a minute to complete from here, but when it’s done, you will have the names of current and previous occupants of the address, their ages and their relatives.

For ways on how to do a reverse address lookup in Texas, you now have an idea. Try any of these options and find out more information on that address.